Thursday, 28 March 2013

Night Nurse

No, this isn't about the cough medicine...

My next door neighbour pretty much disgusts me when he has casual 'relationship' after casual 'relationship' with poor women he scours for in local pubs whilst off his face on an array of strong ales.

Just recently he's had a particular lady over for 'intercourse of a sexual variety' (for the past four weekends out of five). She was even round this Monday but left yesterday morning. In fact, she's back again right now. 

Let's put it this way, not a lot of sleeping goes on.

They had an argument a couple of weekends back when she dared to go outside in front of the neighbours who reside across the road... And now I think I know why...

The lady who lives across the road is a nurse at our local major hospital. So was his 'girlfriend' until recently.

I was reading the news yesterday; when I found an article relating to a nurse who'd been struck off the NMC register because of 'unacceptable behaviour'. This is his girlfriend. The nurse across the road will probably have heard of her and he is clearly ashamed of being seen with her... Poor girl.

Basically, whilst working, she stole a prescription pad, fraudulently collected drugs from the pharmacy on the behalf of patients in her care and stole 200ml of Oramorph from the ward she worked on.

She then took ALL of the Oramorph in one evening and proceeded to go into work the next day; still under the influence, needless to say.

When one of her patients raised the alarm, a colleague found her slumped across the nurses' station fast asleep...

As bad as this is, I do kind of feel sorry for her.

She must have an long-standing addiction to and high tolerance of opiates if she could take that much in one go without going into respiratory arrest, surely?

She was struck off the NMC register earlier this month and that's fair enough because if she was allowed to continue her work as a nurse, it would raise serious concerns and potentially bring the profession and the NMC into disrepute.

She's obviously got problems and she needs to work through those, but she can't be allowed to care for vulnerable patients if she's been so dishonest in the past. At least not until she's healthier.

And as if her life hasn't been bad enough recently, she's now involved with him! Poor woman.