Saturday, 23 April 2011

So I guess I should introduce myself?

Erm... Hi?

I'm Kate. But it's actually Katie. I don't mind what you choose... Whatever suits you best really.
I don't really know why I decided to set up a blog, but then again, I'm a thinker, not a talker, so I guess pouring my thoughts out into a keyboard seems like the most logical thing for me.
There aren't a great deal of interesting things about me to be honest, yes, I'm a student, but I don't live the life that most students live. I'm certain that I could never be called a 'wild child'. I'm a bit more tame than that, I'm afraid... So maybe it's time to give you some really inane facts about myself:

  • I am too observant for my own good.
  • I listen to other people's conversations on public transport, because I'm far too nosy like that!
  • I like watching The Jeremy Kyle Show, because it makes me feel a bit better about things in my life... but I use the fact that it's 'inspiration' for play characters as my excuse. ;)
  • I eat salad cream with just about everything.
  • I'm mad enough to consider another degree after the one that I'm currently studying for... 
  • I love countryside walks (and random drives to nowhere in particular) to clear my head when things get too much.
  • I used to want to be a journalist, then got to uni, and tried it out, and then suddenly realised I definitely wasn't ruthless enough, so I've had to change my career path completely recently.
  • I love anyone who can make me laugh (Not that it's a hard task, I laugh at anything!)
  • I'm really pedantic about apostrophes, but I'm no expert, so I probably get them wrong sometimes myself...
  • I'm currently two thirds of the way through a degree which I'm struggling to stick with, but I have to!
  • I got one minor in my (second) driving test (one of my best achievements to date, worryingly) but...
  • I sometimes get a bit road-ragey about people who tailgate me/don't indicate/drive too fast/get in my way/park badly/drive badly in general...
  • I like photography too, but I'm not sure I'm that brilliant at it!
  • I can write a mean play when I put my mind to it... (It might well be the only thing that I get proper praise for!)
Anyway, that's enough about me, far too much, actually!

Until next time... :)